Quality Policy


We have been producing quality and traditional AMALIA products for over 60 years. Every day we use all our knowledge, love and passion to produce AMALIA products adored by children and adults.



In AMALIA Grinding LTD, we believe we need to maintain quality assurance systems to keep the products healthy and the flavors unaltered. That is why we invest in the quality and hygiene of the products we produce in Cyprus.

ΗΑCCP  TUV Austria EN ISO 22000 Certification

We maintain and act based on the HACCP TUV Austria ISO 22000 certification. This means that AMALIA products are tested at all stages of the production process by our specially trained personnel, ensuring the health and safety of the consumer.

Certified Organic Products

In addition, we produce and offer approved and certified high-value organic products in Cyprus. Using our experience, the right equipment and the right infrastructure, we invest in the production and distribution of organic products. 

Certified organic product produced and distributed by us is Haroupomelo (Carob honey). A fairly nutritious product, rich in vitamins and flavor.

Working conditions

Alongside the certifications, we ensure excellent hygiene and safety conditions for our staff at all stages of production. This way we ensure that our staff will not run any risk and that AMALIA products will continue to be safe at all stages of production.

Flavor of Cyprus - Gold Best Coffee Award 2017

All the above, combined with our passion and love for what we do, can be summed up in the Best Coffee Award for 2017. The traditional AMALIA coffee with its unique blend and rich aroma, excelled in Cyprus for its taste and quality, winning the “Taste of Cyprus Award 2017” award.