Mission & Vision


We have been producing quality and traditional AMALIA products for over 60 years. Every day we use all our knowledge, love and passion to produce AMALIA products adored by children and adults.



At Amalia Grinding LTD we strive daily to produce innovative products in Cyprus that will delight and satisfy our customers, using our long experience and high-quality raw materials. 

Our goals are to continue to offer traditional and quality AMALIA products of high standards, so that we remain in first place in the consumer's choice.

Our long-term strategy is to enable all people to experience AMALIA products and get to know our traditions. 

 The core force for achieving our goals is based on quality, continuous improvement and reliability. For this reason:

  • We strive daily to ensure the quality of AMALIA products and the proper management processes.
  • We remain informed on the current developments and we progress based on them.
  • We maintain and develop our expertise and we invest in the development of our employees.
  • We keep strong the relations with our partners.