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We have been producing quality and traditional AMALIA products for over 60 years. Every day we use all our knowledge, love and passion to produce AMALIA products adored by children and adults.



Amalia Grinding LTD produces and manages over 200 different AMALIA products in Cyprus. The company strives to combine tradition with quality in each product individually and offer its customers delightful products.

This is also evident from the traditional AMALIA coffee. The traditional AMALIA coffee, with its unique blend and rich flavor, has been distinguished in competitions and has been selected as the most delicious coffee in Cyprus.

AMALIA Grinding LTD, beyond the traditional AMALIA coffee, produces the AMALIA dark coffee, the AMALIA fine coffee, the AMALIA green coffee and the AMALIA roasted coffee.

Apart from the coffees, AMALIA Grinding LTD produces and manages both traditional Cypriot and everyday use products.

AMALIA Grinding LTD has in its portfolio the AMALIA SQUASH in many special flavors, the Sherbet, the Cypriot honey and other traditional AMALIA products, such as Cypriot loukoumia, pastelakia, soutsoukos, haroupomelo (Carob Honey) and other carob derivatives.

Also produces and manages olives in brine "Vasa", a wide variety of dry nuts, such as almonds, pistachios and cashews, a lot of dried fruits such as dates, cherries and blueberries, various sweets and candies, healthy diet items, gambling items, confectionery items and traditional sweets and marmalades.

All AMALIA products are produced with passion, excellent raw materials, quality control and above all, with respect to the customer.

AMALIA Grinding Ltd continues to expand its product portfolio in order to offer its customers a variety of unique AMALIA products.