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Other Uses of Cordials


 Fruit Refreshments

Mix soda water or any white refreshment of your choice with one of Amalia’s flavored cordials.


Add the flavored cordial of your choice for additional color, taste and sweetness (apart from Lemon and Orange cordial).

Ice-Water And Milk Fruit Ice-Creams

Simply mix water or milk with Amalia’s flavored cordials. Then, pour into small forms or ice-boxes, add a toothpick, and place in the freezer. Thus, our little friends can now make their own individual ice-creams and ice-waters. Do not use Lemon or Orange cordials to make milk ice-creams.

Decorative Ice-Cream Syrups

Decorate your ice-cream with Amalia cordials for extra color and taste.

Fruit Salads

For additional flavor, sweetness and odor, add to your bowl of fruit salad 2-3 spoons of your favorite Amalia flavored cordial and mix.